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Law Enforcement Today | July 24, 2016

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Gunman Shoots Three at New Jersey Police Station

August Vollmer

The Associated Press and other news outlets report that a gunman opened fire hitting three officers at a Gloucester Township New Jersey police station at 5:45 on Friday morning.  Officers responded to the threat and took the shooter down, killing him.

Police Chief Harry Earle reports that two officers received graze wounds.  One officer was shot twice, with one shot hitting him in the abdomen below his bullet proof vest.  He was taken to Cooper University Hospital for surgery.  This officer is expected to make a full recovery.

The unidentified gunman was being processed after a domestic violence incident.  Some reports indicate that a struggle ensued in the hallway, with the suspect able to obtain an officers service weapon.

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  1. Tragic that we aren’t even safe inside the walls of the department. It is dangerous out there folks. Keep vigilant!

  2. Oh, guys: Please stay safe IN there, as well as OUT there.
    I pray for you Law Enforcement Officers: often. You have my Highest Respect, my Highest Honor, My Support, and My Love.
    -In Him, Margaret Christie Higgins

  3. We must be Alert at all times, Do NOT become complacent Brother & Sister’s of Law Enforcement.

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