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Law Enforcement Today | July 30, 2016

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New York Giants Defensive End Visits Wounded NYPD Officer


On Tuesday night January 31, 2012, Officer Kevin Brennan was critically injured after Latin King gang member Luis Ortiz shot him in the head. Ortiz was arrested later at his uncle’s home.  The gun used in the shooting was recovered by police at that time.

Ortiz has over 20 prior arrests.  Fortunately, Brennan’s shooting will most likely be the last crime Ortiz commits outside of prison walls.

Officer Brennan was released from the hospital on Friday and went home to hold his baby girl in his arms. He received a surprise visit from New York Giants defensive end, Justin Tuck.   Brennan is an avid Giants fan and was totally unaware that Tuck planned a visit.  Tuck was making an appearance at an event nearby on New York’s Nassau County and wanted to show his appreciation to the wounded Brooklyn-based officer.  Brennan wore a Giants t-shirt with Tuck’s number on it home from the hospital.

What an unbelievable ending to what have could have been another tragic story for a brother in blue!

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  1. What a beautiful end to what could have been a very tragic situation…

    Alison Myrden
    Speaker for LEAP
    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

  2. God bless you; Officer Brennan. And God bless Tuck.
    I am so glad that Tuck did this; for you, Officer Brennan. You couldn’t be more deserving.

  3. God had your back that day Kevin. I wish you a speedy recovery. Those Latin Kings are no joke. They are like dog crap, all over New York and Long Island. That bottom feeder, Ortiz, probably knew that Kevin was wearing a vest and went for a head shot.

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